Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So the best way to describe the past 5 days is recovery.

My surgery Friday went as expected. I was a bit more sore than I had anticipated. And I would have never guessed the pain in my right shoulder would have been so much more painful than any other part of my body. Something about the gas they use causes the shoulder pain. I'm glad they warned me about the shoulder pain because I would have panicked if I didn't know it was a possibility. Craig has been so sweet. Making sure I relax and rubbing my shoulder. Encouraging me to take it easy which is not easy for me to do. Gillian was very cute, laying with me and inspecting my boo boos. I totally can see her being a doctor. By Monday I was starting to feel better. Which was just in time for surgery #2.

Yesterday I had a gum graft done. I had done research so I knew what to expect. It was worse than I had prepared myself to expect. Being awake and knowing what they are doing in your mouth even though I couldn't feel it was like torture. I tried to pretend I was on vacation with the bright light shining on me, eyes closed like it was the sun and MP3 player going with all my favorite songs. The 8 shots of Novocaine were painful which the Dr told me was the worse part. I have to argue that holding my mouth open while they took the skin from the roof of my mouth was equally as painful. I won't gross you out with the details because I find them extremely gross to even share. I am on tons of pain meds to make me comfortable and I'm catching up on sleep. Gillian and Craig are taking very good care of me. Letting me sleep and checking in on me. I'm very lucky to have them.

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