Thursday, February 4, 2010


Anyone reading my blog saw last month that I had the lucky lotto number listed each day. That was for a fundraiser for the March for Babies that Team Gillian was doing for the upcoming walk in April. The team was able to sell 314 tickets which was good (had me a little nervous because 320 broke even) but the chances of a winner everyday weren't that great so my fingers were crossed that this worked in Team Gillian's favor. It did and we were able to raise $1,170 for the walk. Woohoo! This is the first year that it is February and I'm calm. Normally right up until all the money is handed in I'm stressing about how much we have raised. I never think enough is enough but this year my views are different.

I was recently told that by taking my daughters birth that had horrible circumstances around it and although she ended up okay by forming Team Gillian and giving back to the organization that helped us is taking a bad thing and making it good. I see that now. I felt that I owed the the March of Dimes for all their research that saved my daughters life. When you owe someone something, you put an extremely high expectation on paying them back. If you don't then you should. I don't owe them but I do realize they need my help. By spreading Gillian's story, I help them. I bring awareness to the research they have done and a complete success story that I'm lucky to witness everyday. I wish that all preemie parents had a story similar to ours and hopefully one day because of the March of Dimes that will be the case. But it will take Gillian's story and all the other stories out there to get there.

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