Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Last night was Gillian's first t-ball game! She did awesome! Grammie Miner, Craig and I froze in the rain watching the game (but that is what we do even when we really want to be somewhere warm). I took tons of pictures (91, I am realizing that I have a problem).

Excited for her uniform! (and the purple flower in her

Showing off her #6 (she shares her number with her Daddy who was also #6).
Pre-game warm up.

Kids sitting on the bench (notice the only 3 girls on the team sit together).

Can't tell from the picture but she was wiggling her hips, doing her dance in right field.

Batter up!

Rounding to 3rd....

Go home, go home!

Freezing in the 2nd half....

Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun Run!

Gillian ran her first fun run on Wednesday night and the results were in today's paper. She is under the quarter mile results.

Photo Friday!

This is Gillian's first time going under water in the pool willingly.....

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

I love being grammatically corrected by a preschooler.

I was driving Gillian to daycare. It was suppose to be a water day this morning so I brought Gillian’s bikini and My Little Pony towel.

We were almost there and she has if I had her towel and I said, “Yes I brought it.”

She said, “No Mommy, you are bringing the towel to Ms. Mary’s not you brought the towel to Ms. Mary’s we aren’t there yet so you are bringing it.”

I giggled.

And then I said, “Thank you for correcting me, yes, I am bringing the towel.”

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

From the moment he met you, he fell in love. The last thing that he expected was to be a parent but no one would ever guess watching him and you together. You bring him smiles everyday with tons of love. He became your number one when you realized he is putty in your hands. He is the best Daddy you could have dreamed.
Happy Father's Day Craig!

The first time he held you.

He helps out with tball when he can. (running bases)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Photo Friday

This is one of my all time favorite pictures. I love all the pictures of Gillian but every time I look at this picture it makes me smile....Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Wednesday

Check out this bad ass t-ball player!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Our weekend

Friday night Gillian had t-ball practice because it had rained on Thursday so needed to be rescheduled. Gillian and I had hair apts at 4:30 so we were rushing to get to t-ball for 5:30. On the way, Gillian said,"I want to play catch again with Taylor when we get to t-ball." I was excited that she remembered the little girl's name and that she seemed excited to go see her. We get to practice and there are only boys there, the coaches offer to play catch with Gillian but she wants to wait to see if a girl shows up. No girls showed up and I eventually convinced her to get out there with the boys since she wouldn't be paired off with one. I felt so bad for her at first but was actually impressed that none of the boys made comments or acted any different towards her. At the end of practice she was happy that she went out there which is all that matters.

Saturday my lovely husband let me sleep in until 11:00am....aaahhh, how wonderful! I woke up and still had no energy to do anything but obviously needed the sleep. And that gave Gillian and Craig time to spend together.

Saturday night, Gillian went to Grammie Brook's for a sleepover since Craig had a bike meeting and I was meeting a friend. It was a fun evening out until I ate buffalo chicken pizza. I found the pizza way too hot and eventually once my body completely rejected it I was able to sleep (I know gross and too much information). Needless to say I won't be eating that again.

Sunday I met my parents and Gillian for breakfast (so I could be wonderful and let my husband sleep in) and did a little shopping. When Gillian and I got home, Craig and Gillian headed outside to play a little catch before we headed to the Cadyville field day. The field day was fun, Gillian enjoyed the parade (mainly for the candy not the actual parade) but she could tell me repeatedly stuff she had seen today. To cool off when we got home I put the sprinkler on so she could run through it....she is adorable in her little bikini!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Photo Friday

4 years ago this past week.....

Where has all the time gone?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Things that could make a Daddy cry...

Gillian started t-ball Tuesday. I was never a fan of baseball/softball growing up, my husband on the other hand is quite a fan. So it was without a question that she would at least try to play t-ball. Craig has played catch with her and we have a plastic t-ball set that is made for 3 year olds that Gillian enjoys.
I was unsure how Gillian would do. She started off excited about dance and every Saturday morning it was a fight to get her to participate in class. So a head of time I might have bribed Gillian with doing her nails and ice cream if there were no tears and she participates in practice (I also tried bribery for dance however it did not work). To my greatest pleasure Gillian's excitement for t-ball carried from beginning to end of practice. She talked to the coaches and smiled and truly enjoyed herself. Normally I tear up when Gillian overcomes an obstacles or over moments like this.....I think her love of t-ball would bring a tear to her Daddy's eye.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

I was going to put a drink in the fridge and Gillian back up at the same time so I ended up hitting Gillian in the head with the door. She obviously started to cry so I started to comfort her and told her that I was sorry. Her response,"I know you didn't mean to do it and it was an accident." Through her tears I was glad she was understanding of my mistake.

Craig tied Gillian's shoe when we left the house. When she got out of the car at the grocery store her shoe was untied so Craig got annoyed and I said,"Your mother is going to have to tie your shoe." He ended up tying it again when we got inside. So when Craig put Gillian back in then car, the shoe was still tied so she said,"Look Dad you can tie my shoe now, it's still tied!" Glad he graduated to being able to tie a shoe at age

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Back in April I had a couple blog posts about Craig losing a close friend. Gillian was sick that week so I ended up taking her to the wake. I could tell she knew that Craig's friend was doing more than sleeping....I could tell by her look that the gears were going but no questions were coming out. I had told Gillian that Craig's friend had passed away and that Daddy was sad.

Last week went to see Craig's friend's wife to bring Gillian's winter wardrobe from last winter over. Their daughter is a year younger than Gillian and we figured this would help out. Craig, Gillian and I went over and we explained who we were going to see and why we were bringing her clothes. She didn't say much while we were there (her normal shy self). The only thing that she said after we left was that she wanted to go back to see the "little girl" sometime.

Well the next day Gillian and I were talking about a track meet and the next thing I know she is asking about Craig's friend that was laying down. She wanted to know why the "little girl's" Daddy died. I explained that it was an accident, well this lead to is my Daddy going to die? Which I explained that I hoped not. I again explained that it was an accident and tried to use examples of why we need to be careful around vehicles for this reason.

I found this conversation totally heart breaking. I know she is young to be learning about this stuff but I also know she is going to encounter it at some point (hopefully later rather than sooner). I do want her to understand life is fragile and I don't want this to hold her back but I do want her to live life to the fullest and without regrets.

Monday, June 7, 2010

We got the call....

Yesterday we finally got the call about t-ball starting. We have anxiously awaiting this call for about a month. We had heard early June but wondered if we had been forgotten because we know other areas that had started last week. Gillian has her first practice June 8th at 5:30. I would have to say that this is the most excited that I have seen Craig about Gillian starting something. He loves baseball (me, not so much) and I totally see him spending hours over the next 14 years practicing with Gillian. Gillian says she is excited to start but we heard that with dance and it was a fight every Saturday. I'm hoping since this will be more than once a week that she warms up quicker. There will definitely be pictures coming....

Friday, June 4, 2010

Dance Recital

Gillian's dance recital was last night. We had warned her it would be a long day and she was prepared and on her game. Craig and I picked her up from daycare and took her to get her hair done again. She was very excited about getting her hair done and getting on the stage again. I had explained to her ahead of time that I would stay with her until they headed for the stage and that I would go to the audience to watch. Craig and I showed her where we would be sitting so she knew when she was on stage. She didn't have a care in the world. She was excited to perform and was acting like this was an everyday occurrence. Gillian didn't care when I left to go to the audience. She performed in front of hundreds of people and had fun. That is all we wanted. All dance year long we have wondered how this night would go and she did AWESOME! We just hoped she got on stage but she got on stage and moved.

For her second performance she was a hula baby and her grass skirt wouldn't stay up so I was trying to tack it so it wouldn't fall down on stage and Gillian looked at me and said,"Mom I have to go with my people. They will leave without me." I'm not use to her willing leave but normally having to force her to go with her "people".

I have to say that proud does not even describe the feeling I have for her. She did beyond my hopes for her. Enjoy the pics....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dance Rehearsal

Craig and I took Gillian to dance rehearsal last night. Gillian was very excited to get up on stage prior to getting there. So we weren't sure how she would be when we actually got there. Gillian loves going to dance class but once she gets there she doesn't want to be there but once class starts she is fine. So the idea of getting on stage could go either way. She did AMAZING! They called her group down and she went by herself and sat there until it was their turn to get up on stage. And she participated in the rehearsal. It was wonderful to watch. I'm looking so forward to the dance recital tonight:)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

I try to make Wednesdays funny with the stuff that Gillian says...well this week it is the stuff that a rookie biker passenger may do and laugh at herself...repeatedly.

So I was super excited to go on a bike ride Sunday. I went over to VT Thunder with Craig and his motorcycle club. So I'm all excited for my "real" ride. Craig and I got up and spent a bit of time with Gillian before my parents came to pick her up. I was dressed and ready on it wasn't the first time but probably pretty close. It was super dark out and we thought it would rain so Craig told me to make sure to wear layers because we might get wet and I have yet to purchase any leather. So I proceed to wear my normal tank, short sleeve t-shirt and long sleeve Harley hoodie (basically a long sleeve t-shirt with a hood) and I added a long sleeve t-shirt to the layers to make sure I was warm enough in case it rained. And we left the house.

We stopped for snacks and a drink (yes, I thought I was being smart). So while riding I put the soda between my legs....very convenient...until I get off the bike and forget it was there so it falls to the ground and is totally shaken up so it is now flat soda.....first mistake....

Then we get over to VT and to the meeting place to meet up with the VT Thunder ride and I forgot there was another bike in our group of 4 (yes, somehow I forgot) and I got off Craig's bike and backed into a MOVING bike....seriously who does this...yup, me the And you end up with a bruise like this....
that only hurts as the time goes on but the humor I find in it makes it worth it. FYI - only Craig and Bob know that this happened at that moment so it isn't quite as embarrassing as expected but I feel it is funny enough to share. Mistake #2.

So you would think that things couldn't really get worse, right? So we start the hour long ride in with miles of bikes. I was doing good, taking pictures and enjoying the ride....and then I started getting hot and I tried to ignore it. I tried to think that around every corner we were almost there, I tried to focus on the fact that I felt like I was in a parade waving to everyone like I'm a beauty queen (seriously could not get over the people lined up to watch this go by) but nothing was working. So finally I got brave and told Craig that we needed an emergency stop that I was going to pass out and didn't think I would make it to the destination. He tried convincing me were almost there but I knew I wouldn't make it. WE got to the next gas station and I got my helmet off in record time and started stripping the layers away....OMG, I didn't care who was around to see. Mistake #3. I am the human heater and must remember this when encouraged to wear multiple layers. I was advised in the future to wear layers with zippers so I could take it off while riding....this is being taken into consideration for future rides.

Hope that you enjoyed my most recent mistakes in life that I find totally amusing.

Enjoying our day together!

Waving for the camera since all the other people normally look very serious.

It was a nice scenic ride.

Headed to the BBQ at a club members house in VT...very nice day with everyone.