Monday, February 15, 2010

This past weekend...

Saturday, Craig took Gillian to dance class which went the best it has gone so far. I was sleeping, my mouth had been pretty sore Friday night and I didn't sleep too good. Craig has poked a little fun at me but I'm just happy it went well. That afternoon, Gillian and I went and visited my parents and siblings to deliver some Valentine's that Gillian had done for them. We got to see Baby Zandra, who is growing so fast. I can't believe it has been 2 1/2 months already. Just look how big she is getting.....

Saturday night, Craig had a meeting so Gillian and I had a girls night. I have a foot care kit to pamper feet so Gillian and I spent an hour in my bathroom pampering our feet and I painted her finger nails and toe nails which she always enjoys. She is definitely going to be expensive when she gets older.....she loved the pampering.

Sunday was Valentine's Day which sometimes Craig and I celebrate and sometimes we don't. This year was a celebrating year. Gillian and Craig got me diamond ear rings which I love! Craig is getting an ipod and Gillian got Craig a box of chocolates and on each chocolate there is something that Gillian loves about Craig. It was very fun to do with Gillian, to hear her responses when I asked her what she loved about her Dad. It is definitely something that Craig and I will cherish and I look forward to sharing with Gillian in the future.

We went to a mid afternoon meal with Craig's parents which was nice. It was the first time I have really had food in a week...just have to cut everything in really small pieces. Then we came home and I gave Gillian a bath in my bath tub. It was like she had never noticed it until our pampering session. She was super excited to take a bath in a tub she could "swim" in. I took the below picture while she was in the tub. She is so beautiful! (I know, I'm biased)

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