Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Only Children

I grew up with 2 siblings. I loved having them and I can't imagine my life without them. I'm a middle child and the only girl...total perks there. That is what I know and how I was raised.

My husband grew up with 1 sibling. He was the only boy and the youngest...total perks there too.

We have chosen to have an only child...total perks there. At first I didn't see the perks. I looked at the situation from my perspective, not as an only child. That is what I thought was right. That is how I grew up and I turned out fine. My husband grew up with a sibling and he turned out fine. How does one go through life without a sibling? It seemed very foreign and I had a lot of fears that my child would miss out on so much by not having a sibling.

Then I started to take steps back...to look at what I wanted for my family. I talked with Craig about what we wanted for our family. We want to take Gillian on vacations, help pay for her 1st car, help pay for college, we want to retire young (like 52), we want to be able to take adult vacations, we do not want to feel we have to hold back all the time because of money (take note of the word all - we are not loaded). I don't want her to miss out on an opportunity because we didn't have time or money. I don't want Craig or I to miss out on an opportunity because we didn't have time or money.

I have high hopes for Gillian. Not that she will be perfect. I want her to have opportunities that not all children may get offered and be able to accept them. I want her to dream as big as she wants to and aim for that dream.

Do I think she won't be able to accomplish her dreams with or without a sibling? Nope. Do I feel that our family is lacking because we are a family of 3 and a Pooh Bear? Nope.

Gillian is a unique individual. A sibling would not change that. I am now thankful everyday that we chose to have an only child.

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