Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let it snow

We knew a storm was coming but we under estimated what was on the way. We have gotten at least 2 feet and it keeps coming down. Craig and I were excited for some snow because Gillian hasn't want to make a snowman. She even asked if we could borrow snow from my parents yard because they had snow and we didn't. I took tons of pictures while we were outside playing.

Pooh enjoyed the snow just like the rest of us.

Gillian had a blast helping make the snowman.

At this point, Gillian was still making her own baby snowman.

It was more just playing in the snow.

The pool is covered in snow just like everything else.

We had no snow prior to today.

Trees in our front yard.

Playing in the snow.

Pooh is a shepard/lab mix and weighs 90 lbs, the snow is as deep as the length of her legs.

Pooh standing guard behind the snowman.

I put food coloring in a spray bottle because I thought Gillian would enjoy playing with it. This was her garden.

Only my daughter would place the spray bottle on a spot in the snow that looked like a table:)

Craig was clearing the driveway while Gillian played. Gillian was watching him and she said,"Daddy is making a huge (pause) mess!" She did think it was neat that it looked like a waterfall.

Gillian caught a snow flake on her eye lash.

The lighting wasn't very good but the snowman is actually green, he is an alien snowman.

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