Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ms. Independent

It is no doubt that my daughter is independent. As long as I can remember she has wanted to conquer anything she sees others doing. First it was holding her own bottle, then moving on her own then talking. Most recently it has been using the potty and dressing and undressing herself. She has been able to dress herself and for the most part undress herself. She was stuck on getting her shirt off. She mastered it last night and you would have thought she won a gold medal. I love how big her smile gets and the sparkle in her eye when she accomplishes something she has worked at....the look is truly amazing. Tonight I brought down her jammies so she could change and immediately reminded me that she could do it all herself and proceeded to show me that she could in fact undress and dress herself. She even gave me commentary while she was doing it on what exactly she was doing. You know, in case I forget what I'm doing. She is just so cute:)

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