Monday, February 22, 2010

Ice Castle - Sleigh Ride

Saturday Gillian didn't have dance class because of the school schedule. It was a nice break and we decided to take advantage of it. The morning Gillian and I spent shopping. We are in search of St. Patrick's Day decorations. I can find paper plates and stuff to wear but I can't find decorations for the house. I wouldn't even bother with decorations if it wasn't for Gillian. She really enjoys holidays and decorating for them so I try to make if possible for her to do for every occasion. That morning we didn't have any luck.
That afternoon, Craig, Gillian and I traveled up to Saranac Lake in hopes of seeing the ice castle from the winter festival which was the prior weekend. It was a nice drive up, Craig and I talked and Gillian slept. We were outside at the castle for probably about 45 minutes. It was very cold. Craig and I definitely should have dressed warmer. Gillian was dressed perfectly for the weather and she even struggled with the cold. We got tons of great pictures which most can be seen on my facebook page. It would take too long to upload them here. Enjoy the pics.
Ice Castle

Gillian and Craig (this pic makes me laugh).

I had a very hard time picking a pic of Craig and Gillian to share.

Love this pic.

Gillian finally got me to crawl through the wall (seriously how safe is this?).

Craig decided on the way home we would go through Lake Placid so we weren't going back the same way we had gone up. We saw there was public skating on the Olympic Speed Skating rink which if there had been any parking we would have stopped and tried. We made a note so we can go back. On just the edge of town, I saw a horse sleigh ride so we turned around and went back. Although we were all still freezing from the castle visit, we decided to seize the opportunity. And we had a blast. It was a nice change and something that we don't have an opportunity to do often. Of course I got pics of this too.

Meet Bob and Nelly

Us prior to our ride.

Craig and Gillian on the sleigh.

Sunday morning Gillian and I went shopping again. I very much enjoy that I can bring her along with me. She behaved very well and only asked for a few things. I made sure to bring her to a store I knew she would enjoy so it wasn't all about adult stores. Still no luck with decorations. Found tons for Easter though. The search is going to continue....

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