Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I went and saw my "friend" today. I brought Gillian's first baby album (yes, first because there are many and I know I have an issue but that is for another blog on another day). I looked through it the night before and so much came back. We went through a lot and there are so many memories. I had decided that I would bring the album to show her what I have been talking about. She was amazed by all the pictures I had and the fact that I could tell her something regarding each picture. I didn't keep a journal when I was pregnant or when Gillian was born (this is a huge regret but we move on). I feel like the pictures I took are my journal. Craig was gone for many days in a row so I always wanted him to see how she was changing and I just have an obsession with taking pictures of her. I love to look at pictures, it's capturing a moment that we can never get back.

My friend says I'm blessed in more ways than one:) Lucky me! The fact that I am healthy after what I went through and Gillian is 100% healthy is truly a miracle. She said the fact that for the first two years of Gillian's life, Craig, his parents, my parents and I took care of Gillian to avoid daycare is a blessing. That most people don't have the family relationships that we are lucky to have that got us through an extremely difficult time in all of our lives. That fact that instead of Craig and I letting the pregnancy gone bad and the prematurity divide us we came together as a team shows our commitment to each other. We are truly blessed.

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