Friday, February 12, 2010

Finally Friday

So I have survived the week with a mouth full of stitches. I have managed to eat mainly soft foods and although they said pasta and a sandwich without crusts were considered soft mouth has not agreed. Here are some recent pics of the Gilly beaner.
I took this pic after Gillian had her hair done, that is the reason for the lack of curls. And her winter hat pretty much flattened it.

Gillian goofing around with Daddy's helmet.

A couple of funny things Gillian has said lately:

I was pouring Gillian and drink and she asked what it was. I told her Grammie water a.k.a. Propel and her response, "Love It!"

I put some grapes in a tuberware dish to bring in the car for a snack and I offered Gillian some, her response, "Alrighty!"

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