Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Turning 5

Gillian surprised me by picking up her toys and putting everything in it's place after her bath....she says it's because she is 5 and needs to pick up after herself.

After dance Gillian had to use the bathroom, normally she needs help getting her dance outfit off so I told her I would be right there. She already had it off and was set. She told me she was 5 and needed to learn to do stuff on her own so she was going to try to start doing more herself.

I love the new attitude....

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Birthday with Family and Friends

We had a birthday party at the local bowling alley for Gillian with family and friends. Craig and I weren't sure how it would go when I booked it but we are happy with the outcome. All the kids seemed to have fun and even the parents seem to have a good time.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Pictures from the Party

If only we could keep her small forever but that wouldn't be fair to her. Our baby turned 5....

Every Birthday Girl gets a cake....

I couldn't resist sharing the picture of poor old Pooh....we decorated her cone, there is ribbon attached to all the pieces of tape.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Gillian!!!!!

Welcome to the world!

Happy 1st Birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Happy 4th Birthday!

Stay tuned for the 5th Birthday pictures!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I called Mary because when I had dropped Gillian off it was a hectic morning and had forgotten to let her know Grammie Miner would be picking her up. Then I had asked Craig to call and let her know and he forgot. So at the end of my awful day I called to let Mary know and she said she was glad I called because she had something to tell me. It's funny that after 3 years I still dread her telling me this like it is going to be something awful.
Apparently Wednesday morning Gillian was in the bathroom doing her business and it was taking sometime so out of concern Ms. Sophia knocked on the door and opened it to see what had happened and Gillian had her hand in her pants like she had lost something. Ms. Sophia jokingly said,"Have you lost your underwear?" Gillian didn't have ANY on!!!! I had been so proud of her getting herself all ready Wednesday morning as we are trying to encourage independence that I didn't check to make sure she had them on and she went to daycare with no underwear on. Initially I was like - OMG, what kind of parents send their child to daycare with no underwear It made me laugh multiple times that evening after an awful day!

Happy Clover Day

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kindergarten Registration

We took Gillian to Kindergarten registration yesterday. Its been on my mind for the past week wondering what it would entail and how she would react. All week we had been reminding Gillian so it wasn't a surprise. She seemed excited about going which was a good sign. We got there early and found our way to the main office and the person checking in was in Gillian's gymnastics class so one child she would know was comforting. I could tell Gillian was nervous because she clung to Craig..not to his leg or wanting him to pick her up but she wasn't letting that hand go. We got all checked in then off to the library for the screening with an escort. We walked Gillian over to the first teacher she would meet and we were told we had to let Gillian go on her own. I could have burst into tears but I was determined to make it through without crying.
Craig and I went over to meet the nurse. She first asked if this was our first child to go to school and I answered,"Our first and only." "You will cry," she responded. In my head I'm still repeating not today not today. She told us her expectations and what she does. Gave us tons of paperwork basically what we expected. Same rules as daycare on a sick child, pretty easy. Then we were sent to sit with other parents all waiting for our children to finish the screening.
While waiting more kids were coming in as kids left and I realized we could have totally done a car pool last year for dance. The next two children that came in were from Gillian's dance class and even one of the teachers doing the screening had a child in Gillian's dance class and her daughter is going to Kindergarten this year. Made me feel better that Gillian would know some kids in her class.
When Gillian was complete the screening she got to go see a Kindergarten class. While she did that we were told how the screening went. She scored average (which we all know she is above but we'll let the school slide this Again we were told to expect to cry and anxiety with our only child going to school (HELLO people I'm trying hard to make it through this without crying) and that we are more than welcome to call the school any time between now and then with questions and not to think we are asking bad questions. Overall they were extremely nice and happy and it was a pleasant environment.
After we left we asked Gillian how she liked it and she said,"Good." Just like her Dad, not elaboration on anything.
I went back to work and Gillian and Craig had a Father/Daughter day.
I made it through the whole day...I laid down to sleep and then I cried.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Let It Snow

Today I stayed home from work and Gillian stayed home from daycare due to a state of emergency because we have 30 inches of snow in less than 24 hours. I'm totally done with winter....the cold and the snow is just been too much this year.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Last day of Ice Skating

Today we took Gillian public skating for the last time this winter. We invited her cousin Emma to come along for her first time ice skating. I'm not sure Craig totally thought this through prior to inviting two girls ice skating. These are not in any particular order....