Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lobster in the bed

Last night I was woken up at 1:52am by an awful scream coming from Gillian. Craig got to her room 1st (this is no surprise, he is an extremely light sleeper since we had Gillian) and I went in to check to see what was going on. She insisted there was a lobster in her bed. Seriously, lobster? So Craig climbed in bed with her and laid with her and I went back to bed. Again, I hear the I get up. It dawns on me, she is in her footed pajamas which are fleece, and she is sleeping with 2 fleece blankets and a down comforter. She is a victim of static electricity and she thinks a lobster is biting her. So I change her out of the fleece pajamas, I go get another blanket and we show her that there is no lobster in her bed. She still doesn't believe us so Craig has to get her bed and she lays down with him. After about 20 minutes of her expressing her fear of laying in her bed and the fact that she thinks there are lobsters in there, Craig brings her to our bed. It has been a long time since Gillian has slept with us, I actually can't remember the last time but we all managed to get a bit of sleep the rest of the night.

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