Friday, January 29, 2010


Gillian's hair grows really slow...I'm talking snails pace slow. For the longest time she didn't really have any hair, and I mean a long time. Her hair is curly and straight and sometimes unruly. In the morning she could totally join an '80s rock band.

The best was when my younger brother and his gf came over one Sunday morning and said, "What did you do to Gillian's hair?"
And my response,"That's how she wakes up."

His response, "Really?"

My response,"Yup, she isn't the get up and go type girl. Her hair needs help."

I get her hair trimmed but she has never had any significant amount cut off so here is a photo line up of her hair over the past almost 4 years.
Gillian had hair at birth.

6 months later - same amount of hair. (Gillian & Uncle Tom)

1 year later - same amount of hair.

1.5 years - starting to grow but more like a crew cut.

2 years - start seeing the unruliness coming out. Had 1 hair cut to trim her bangs by this time.

Picked this pic because I thought it was cute - looks like she is going to have straight hair (so misleading).

2.5 years - cute curly short hair do.

3 years - look at those curls.

Still her 3rd birthday - front view. (Gillian had a 103 degree tempt in this pic)

This is a prime pic of the unruly hair. ('80s?)

3.5 years - love this curly.

Almost 4 - I took this pic this morning. Last summer I asked Gillian if she wanted bangs and she said, "No, I want hair like you Mommie." So we have been growing them out for some time. They are finally long enough to tuck behind her ear.

Lucky lotto number for the players out there - 482

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