Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Family Moments

I like when we are all home in the evening and do things as a family. Lately we have had many nights like this.

Tonight, I got home from work and got my usual entrance from Gillian. She yells to Craig, “Moms home!” Followed by Pooh looking for her attention. Craig is working hard, checking on the fire, cooking dinner and entertaining Gillian. Prior to sitting down to eat Craig and I discuss our days briefly then while we are eating dinner we discuss Gillian’s day with her. I love these moments.

After dinner, I clear the table (least I can do when I do nothing to get it ready) and then I get changed from my work clothes into something comfy. When I got back downstairs the volley balloon game was already in play…lol. We probably look ridiculous but we have so much fun. Once we got bored of this Craig and I played Wii while Gillian watched. She enjoys watching us because she still isn’t sure of it and gets extremely frustrated (I can relate so I know she is similar to me). Craig and I also tried tennis and boxing. My right arm is still sore and I’m not very good but it was very entertaining. Competitive husband and wife playing Wii against each other is extremely entertaining. After exhaustion from the Wii and Gillian was bored of watching we played train which consists of us running around our house following each other pretending we are a train….more exhaustion. By the end of the night we were all tired but we laughed the entire evening and truly enjoyed each other. These are the memories that I hope to always remember of Gillian at this age. The time we spent together laughing.

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