Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today I headed to Burlington for a pre-op visit for a surgery I'm having February 5th. I had never met the surgeon until today. I'm beginning to be able to tell if I'm going to like a doctor within minutes of meeting them. That obviously says I have seen too many. I didn't care for him right from the get go. He had a resident with him which I'm all for teaching hospitals but I felt so bad for her. She stood silent by the door and only spoke when spoken to...1st action that tipped me off that I would not be impressed. So we discussed my background and medical history and all that. He asked me if I ever planned on having more children....this is after we discuss the 26 weeker, the 1lb 12oz baby I gave birth to, the severe preclampsia, the ongoing high blood pressure obviously I answered, "No." I feel that should be enough. Some doctors feel the need to talk me out of it, like this one. Why does the general public feel that I have to bear two children? So then the doctor proceeds to tell me how it could have been a one time situation and that if I wanted more I could have more. Now this is why people sue doctors. What if I die? What if the baby dies? What if I become disabled or the baby is disabled? Yeah let's just going out and have another child without thinking twice. So rather than argue with a doctor, I smile answer all his questions and get out of there. It's bothered me all day. I'm the patient, I thought doctors were suppose to care about me or at least my best interest. Some of these doctors I think want to use me like an experiment. All I can say is I don't plan to be a guinea pig and I hope that doctors start caring a bit more.

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