Friday, January 8, 2010

Exciting News!

I got some exciting news...and no I'm not pregnant. My Mom has announced her retirement which at this point is set for October 30, 2010. Woohoo!!!!! Yeah!!!!! After 22 years of working in a school she is ready for something new. She is extremely good at her job, she loves her job (most days but that is and she has been dedicated to her job (and numerous 2nd jobs in the past 22 years). My parents have very strong work ethics (which I proudly inherited). Hopefully my Dad will be able to follow soon after. This is such an exciting and scary time for her but we will be supportive and helpful in anyway we can:) Congratulations Mom! This is much deserved:) Your children couldn't be more proud or excited for you!

On another note (for some humor) - Gillian enjoys rolling herself into blankets, one blanket in particular. I told her she was snug as a bug in a Enjoy:)

Lucky lotto number for the players out there - 758

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