Monday, January 25, 2010

Saturday fun

Saturday morning Craig and I took Gillian to dance class like always. It is a week to week struggle. We have a zillion ideas on why it could be that she wants to go to dance class all week but then we get her there and she no longer wants to go. Once she gets out there she is fine and has fun but it is the initial getting her out there that is a struggle. We keep hoping that it will get easier but there are tears shed each week. Craig and I want her to finish the year, we don't believe quitting is the answer. So needless to say the dance year is not going by fast enough for us. We did get another treat, that day. The dance instructor invited all the families in to watch them go through the routine for the recital to get the kids ready to have an audience. Gillian seemed very distracted by this but she did participate which is all we want from her. (Again, I didn't have my camera:( but did manage to get some pics with my camera phone).

My Mom is coaching indoor track again for the school that she works at. So every Saturday we tell Gillian that Grammie hasn't been at dance because she is coaching. I wanted to take Gillian to see her coach so she could get an idea of what that meant. Gillian did not care for the gun at the track meet or the fact that the kids run more than one lap. She did like the long jump and high jump. She especially liked that after the kids were done jumping she was able to go in the high jump pit.

Lucky lotto number for all the players out there - 772

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