Friday, January 22, 2010

Growing up

My little girl is becoming a little lady. This morning she informed Craig that he could delete Toot & Puddle and Oswald from the DVR because those were for little girls. That she needed more Scooby Doo and big girl shows. Because she is an only child she speaks like a little adult. It's rare that someone can't understand her (mainly during meltdowns) and having a conversation is like having one with anyone. It fascinates me how she has developed. It was like over night that she started talking and now I can't remember not being able to hear her talking.

Tonight I was getting her a yogurt drink, I asked her red or purple, she said purple. I warned her that it was the last purple and she pointed out to me that there was another box of yogurt drinks behind the open ones in the fridge. I explained that there was another box but it was red and green not purple. Her response, "I can deal with that." Serioulsy? She is almost 4 but still. I don't know any other children that talk like her.

Lucky lotto number for the players out there - 605

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