Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Donating blood

I was suppose to get up early this morning and go for blood work. Craig got an unexpected phone call which threw off my morning so I decided to push the blood work off to another day...I had been told it wasn't a rush just routine blood work anyway. So my day proceeded like normal, dropped Gillian off at daycare and went to work. Around lunch time (I sit at my desk and eat lunch unless I have something better to do) I got the idea of going to do my blood work. It wasn't too cold out so I would just go get it done. On my way there I decided I would ask about donating blood....if they are taking a couple of tubes why not add a pint to it, right? So I asked and was informed that I would have to go to an actual office that all they do is blood donations which happened to be right next door. So I had my blood work done and I was going to use the excuse that I just had blood draw so I can't donate today because I was starting to chicken out but instead I walked over and figured I would just get information. I got a lot more than information.

First I looked through the one in site, I could have totally run away.

So I opened the door and walked in and was greeted by a very nice woman who asked, "Are you here to donate blood?"

I answer, "Well I just had blood work so I'm not sure I can but I would like information" (oh please let me leave unharmed!).

Her reply, "You have plenty of blood to still be able to donate!"

So me not wanting to seem greedy with my blood said, "Okay."

That is how it started. Next thing I knew I was filling out paperwork trying to figure out how I can get out of there and realizing that I had no good way out and that I really should donate blood. So as my husband would say, "Suck it up Barb!" So I finished the paperwork and sat in a large relaxing chair and watched TV. The nurses did my vitals and prepped my arm, I didn't feel the pick in my arm and it didn't seem bad at all. It also helped that the women there were hilarious. They kept talking to me the entire time and asking if I was okay. It was nice and relaxing (sounds strange I know this). It was all done before I knew it. So they sat me up offered me a cookie and a drink. Well this is where they made a fan....Diet Pepsi:) A free 20 oz of diet Pepsi for a pint of blood and a cookie....sign me up! They should advertise this! The excitement overwhelmed me and I became light headed so laying back was where I went, ice pack and a bottle of orange juice was given to me. They kept talking to me to make sure I was okay and kept asking if I was lying about how I felt so they would let me leave. Why would I lie...then back to work for! Within 10 minutes I was back to normal and fine....and they let me have the diet Pepsi too:)

So I survived and everyone else could too. I didn't realize how easy and painless it is. There is a reason that I have wanted to donate blood and yes, like most things it is related to my daughter. While she was in the hospital she received 7 blood transfusions. She was born so early that her body didn't produce it's own blood (she was still suppose to be using my body to survive) so whenever the doctors did tests, they had to replace the blood they took because her body couldn't. It was special blood (something to do with high red blood cell count) that can't be taken quickly so Craig and I couldn't donate our own. Someone gave that blood to help my daughter survive so I gave blood today to help someone else survive. It's a cycle that I hope to continue. I told the woman today I owned them more because I feel indebted for at least what we have received. So I plan to return for another visit in late March or early April...I have to heal from my surgeries on the 5th & 8th of February. So if you have time and can spare a pint, donate, it's not as bad as it seems.

Lucky lotto number for the players out there - 674

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