Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good Day

Today was very productive. I only had to work a half day because of traveling Monday and Tuesday. So at noon I met Craig at the grocery store to do our weekly shopping trip. We have been very unimpressed with our grocery store lately since numerous items are constantly out of stock. Once home I was able to spend an hour with Craig – most time I have seen him this week so I was very happy about that. After Craig went to work, I went to another grocery store to buy the items that I can’t get at our normal grocery store and did some other shopping. Once I got back home I vacuumed the first floor then it was time to pick up Gillian. Gillian was excited when she got home to find there was a donut waiting for her for dessert. Not quite sure why I buy her donuts because she eats the icing off and that is done with them. Lol She enjoys them and I think the mess she makes is cute.

I got two surprises today that deserve some congratulations. I got the mail and received an announcement that our friends Tim and Haley (their daughter Aynsley was in the NICU with Gillian) had a son Carson on December 29th. Then I got on Facebook and found out our friends Jenna and Jarrod (their son Cian was in the NICU with Gillian) found out today that they are expecting a girl due in June. Everyone is healthy which is fabulous!

Most people know that I read a blog about a family that lost their daughter last April to a common cold due to her lungs being damaged from her prematurity. She was 16 months old. The name of the blog is The Sphors are Multiplying and yesterday Heather wrote a post that has a picture that just makes me giggle. I’m not sure why. She takes some amazing pictures and I think this one is pretty incredible. It is hard to believe that she is not quite yet full term. Click here to see it. Enjoy

Lucky lotto number for the players out there - 644

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