Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to normal...

I went back to work today and Gillian went back to was a long day after 12 days away.

I expected a meltdown when I dropped her off this morning but no meltdown....that meant victory for me:) I hate when she has a meltdown when I drop her off. I know she has fun there and I know within minutes of me leaving she is playing and having a blast, just breaks my heart to leave her crying.

Tonight, Craig, Gillian and I played with the balloons. We volley them to each other. Doesn't sound fun but for this family of 3, it's a ton of fun. We laugh the entire time and you would think that the balloon hitting the floor was the end of the world with the way we dive all over trying to hit it. People on the outside looking in would think we are crazy but it is a fun evening for us. Who would have thought?

Lucky lotto number for the players out there - 110

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