Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Taking it in...

Today I was late leaving work and it has been cold out so I had put off getting gas until today when I had not choice but to stop and get out and pump:( So once I was done freezing outside, I headed home. Gillian is stuffed up and needing a tissue every time she sneezes...gross. Tonight was card night for Craig so we fit in about 45 minutes of visiting before he was out the door. I proceeded to watch Gillian roll herself in a blanket which I have mentioned before here and watch her bat a balloon around like a boxer. I could just watch her all the time. The excitement in her eye and how she takes everything in....I love just taking her all in...

The balloon (not getting pounded at the moment)

Having tons of fun with her balloon

Taking a moment to pose for a picture

Lucky lotto numbers for the players out there - 122

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