Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The things parents do...

Today I had a very bad day at work. There is no way around it and no way to explain it except that nothing seemed to fall into place today.

After work I had a pretty tight schedule to keep. Dance sign ups were 4:30 - 7 and Gymnastics sign ups were 6-7:30 (and of course they are on opposite sides of town). I had heard that gymnastics only takes so many girls and then they get wait listed...eek!

So I picked Gillian up right on time (yes, it is possible) and I drove (almost the speed limit) over to the dance studio to register Gillian and get her new shoes. Her feet don't look very big but they are always growing.

From there we went to McDonald's drive thru, I had to explain to Gillian for the 3rd time that we are on a tight schedule so no we could not stop to go into play place.

From McDonald's I drove to the tattoo studio to drop off Gillian's foot print which will be permanent on my foot soon.

From the tattoo studio (where according to Gillian there are good people and bad people there) we headed over to the gymnastics studio. When I got there at 5:30 there were already two cars waiting. The car that pulled in after me started the line and I made sure to follow suit. Yup, second in line. Whoohoo! So yes I did get her signed up. It was hot and sweaty and the gym smells like feet, it will be a long season in there but if she likes it that is all that matters.

We got home at 6:30 and I gave Gillian a bath because she was dirty from playing outside (when I picked her up at daycare she was glistening from the sun and I could see her dirty feet in the crocs). She thanked me for driving all over to sign her up for stuff....that makes the whole evening worth it. At age 4 she does have some idea that Craig and I are going above and beyond what is required to be a parent and she thanks us....she makes me so proud.

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