Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Family Day!

This summer has been flying by which means when we said oh we'll do this or that, our time is becoming limited. Over the weekend Craig and I discussed surprising Gillian with a day trip down to the Great Escape in Lake George. I got permission from work and got Gillian a vacation day from daycare and Craig was already off so we told Gillian she was getting a surprise. Her guess on what her surprise would be...a ball?! Lol!

We got on the road and headed down, Gillian constantly asking what the surprise was which when we gave her the option that we tell her she opted to wait it out. She fell asleep about a half hour before arrival.

We waited until we were parked to wake Gillian up and she was so excited. I don't think that we could walk to get in fast enough.

The day flew by, we arrived just before 11 and stayed until 6. It was a lot of fun. Gillian definitely enjoyed herself. I would have to say that the log ride and raging river were definitely her favorite as we rode both 3 times each. Her laugh and smile lasted all day long.

It is moments like these that are truly priceless.

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