Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Recap

It was a packed weekend with activities.

Friday night Gillian had a slumber party with her Grammie Brooks and cousins Emma and Zandra.

Saturday we had a Shamrock party to attend at the Bartlett's house. It was the normal crowd of families that we have been hanging out with and a couple new people. Gillian was slightly tired so she wasn't quite as social as she had been in the past(not that she is ever the center of attention). She said that she enjoyed herself which is all that matters. Two funny things that happened that humored me was -
1st Gillian really wanted a rice krispie treat and she said she didn't because the kids were all hanging out in the living room. She whispered to me but what if I make a mess or drop any, they don't have a chair like we have at home. Poor sweetie! I explained that if she made a mess to just pick it up or tell someone else about it so it can get cleaned up that kids make a mess and it's not a big deal. She immediately took a treat and on the way home told me that she didn't make a mess of it.

2nd I'm a huge fan of GPS so on the way to the Bartlett's I used it. It's a woman's voice and Gillian asked where the voice was coming from and I said my phone. And I didn't think anymore of it. Well when Gillian and I got in the car to go home she said,"Is Sue going to give us directions home too?" She thought Sue was in the phone giving us directions to her house! lol! I explained that it wasn't Sue giving us directions that it was coming from the phone. lol

Sunday we had plans to go to Pizza Putt then the NICU Grad party. We met up with the Bowers and headed over. Pizza Putt was not what I expected. In a couple years I think Gillian will enjoy it more but we made the most of it.

Then we headed over to the farm for the party. It was nice to watch Gillian this year. She made a necklace out of noodles, did a hand print for the NICU poster & for us to have plus we got to see the animals. But most of all....we got to see a family that was in the NICU with us. The girls hadn't been together since 18 months....

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