Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Recap!

I was looking so forward to this past weekend because I had such a rough week. Work was stressful, I gave up caffeine again and started limiting my soda intake. Withdrawal was not pretty so I was so looking forward to the weekend to relax. I cleaned like a maniac Friday night so I would be able to relax Saturday and Sunday.

It was wonderful. Craig let me sleep in then my Mom brought Emma and Zandra over for a play date with Gillian in the afternoon. They played in the pool, on the swing set and went for a bike ride. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. You would think that would tire Gillian out but no, she still made it to her bed time.

I got up with Gillian at 7:43am (UGH!) I shouldn't complain some parents are up much earlier. I took Gillian for a walk (which means I walk and she rides in a wagon) so Craig could get sleep. Gillian got to spend some time with Craig when we got back (he's been working doubles for days...) and then she played on her swing set while I read a book in the shade.

It was such a nice relaxing weekend. Although I don't want the weekend to end, I'm not dreading Monday like normal. I actually feel relaxed and ready to go to work.

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