Monday, August 30, 2010

Inherited Genes

It amazes me how much a child is like their parents and even grandparents. I have discussed Craig, Gillian and my always want to win attitude but she has another trait that stands out now. Gillian is very hard on herself. I have noticed it a few times but it really stood out today. I had gone upstairs to take a shower while Gillian watched a show. Prior to getting in the shower I could hear her crying so I went to the top of the stairs to see what was going on (I could only go so far as I was literally about to step in the shower. Gillian came to the landing hysterical. When she calmed down enough to explain she had wet her pants which I had figured by the fact that they were half on. They were jean capris and she has hard time with the button. She was so angry with herself. She told me she was 4 and 4 years going to the bathroom on the potty. I explained to her that it was an accident and even big kids and grown ups have accidents. I told her she could hop in the shower before me so we could clean her up. It wasn't until we were laughing in the shower that she cheered up. We made a mess as we were in my single shower stall with me on the outside and her under running water and me trying to clean her. If that was the worst thing that happened in her life I would be so thankful. Breaks my heart to see her that upset at herself.

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