Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weekly funny story

Gillian started a new habit in the last couple months. It's not a bad habit but it has become a habit. When she gets up she comes into our bedroom and gets into bed with either Craig and I or just me depending on who is home. It's somewhere between the times of 6:30-7:30. She is ready to get up but normally we are not. So she talks to us until we finally get up.

Well this morning she came in and although Craig had not slept in almost 24 hours she proceeded to tell him about our evening the night before. Here is the conversation:

Gillian,"Mommy took me to sign up for gymnastics and dance."

Craig - silence

Gillian,"She took me to McDonald's and Mommy asked for a girl toy but they accidentally gave me a boy toy."

Craig - silence

Gillian,"That's not cool Daddy! I'm playing with it anyway, it's a Batman toy. I'll show it to you."

Craig,"Okay, let's get up."

She cracks me up.

First because she somewhere heard - That's not cool and uses it properly.

Also because most people would think she is this quiet little girl because she is so shy but if she knows you she could talk your ear off about anything. Depending on the day she will talk the entire time we are in the car between destinations just telling us stories (most of which we know) but it's nice to hear her version.

And lastly because when Craig and I had previous careers we went to bed at he same time. It was during this time that I would proceed to talk his ear off and not let him sleep. Now she talks his ear off until he gets up.

The ladies in Craig's life just don't like to let him sleep...

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