Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

I get hand me downs from Gillian's cousin Emma. Emma is a Tinker Bell fan...Gillian not so much. So Monday when we were having our try on/fashion show there were 2 pairs of Tinker Bell pjs. Now my child has no problem with hand me downs but she did have an issue with Ms. Tinker Bell. Here is our conversation.

Me: "We need to try on these pjs"

Gillian: "But they are Tinker Bell. I don't like Tinker Bell, Emma likes Tinker Bell."

Me: "I know you don't like Tinker Bell. These pjs were Emma's but they don't fit her anymore so you will be able to wear them."

Gillian: "But I don't like Tinker Bell."

Me: "Gillian they are free and no one is going to see you wear them except for Mom and Dad and you."

Gillian: "But I really don't like Tinker Bell."

Me: "We will put them in the pj drawer and only take them out when all other pjs are dirty."

Gillian: "Okay."

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