Monday, August 16, 2010

Operation Exhaust Gillian

Craig and I have noticed in the last week that our daughter has gotten a lot of extra energy. We assumed it was just part of her growing up. Its a lot of energy...running around in circles kind of energy. It just dawned on me Saturday why she may have this extra energy. For the past 2 months she has been playing t-ball twice a week for an hour and a half and running a quarter mile on a different day plus her normal activities. These activities are now gone and her body has built up this extra energy that it just isn't using. So I made it my goal to try to tire out Gillian so she wasn't quite so wild. Try to imagine what it may take to tire her out....a 3 mile bike ride did the trick. I took her to the base and did a huge loop there. My Mom and I walked and Gillian rode her bike. Prior to this she had only rode 1.4 miles. She handled it like a champ and finished it riding. I'm sure the promise of a special treat at the end helped:) But needless to say she was pretty wiped out for the rest of the evening.

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