Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

I've said it before and I'll say it again...Craig and I are extremely competitive. Gillian is competitive. We are trying to teach her good sportsmanship.

Tonight was her last fun run. It took a while for them to get started, normally it is a few minutes behind but tonight it was running about 15 minutes. So needless to say that kids 4 and under struggled with remaining still for those 15 minutes. They were honestly like greyhounds in cages waiting to chase the rabbit but in their case it is running to get a popsicle.

Prior to the race there was some trash talking amongst the kids which is funny in itself because they are 4 and under.

Gillian's race didn't start the best as two kids fell in front of her and she became a deer in headlights not knowing exactly what to do. Craig and I are both screaming run...nice parents we are don't want her to see if these kids are

She ran well waiting up for her friend Jonathon a couple times and he waited up for her. Then about half way through the race Jonathon just stopped (not exactly sure why) and she kept on going. Gillian finished 5th with a time of 3:06. She got her popsicle and we waited for her friend Jonathon. I told her she did a good job and her response (extremely excited) was,"I beat Jonathon!" Craig and I immediately tell her it's not good sportsmanship to brag when you win. That everyone tried their best and that's all that matter.

Mean while you know Craig and I are like,"Yes, yes you did." But we can't tell her

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