Saturday, September 25, 2010

She's ready....I'm not....

I brought Gillian to gymnastics class this morning and we chatted in the car on the way. We passed the local BOCES and Gillian asked,"Is that my school or Grammie's school?"

I responded,"No, that isn't your school or Grammies. We live right near your future school. We haven't showed you where the school is?"

Gillian responded,"No." (FYI we have but she was dazzled by the playground.)

I said,"The school is right near our house. You probably wouldn't have to ride the bus if you don't want to but you should try it. Mommy and Daddy rode the bus."

Gillian responded,"I don't want to ride the bus. And you will have to make me lunch."

I replied,"You may want to ride the bus when the time comes, we'll wait and see. I can make you lunch but they also have a cafeteria and you can buy lunch."

Gillian responded,"No, I want you to make me lunch with a juice box too."

I replied,"Okay, I can make you lunch with a juice box."

Gillian replied,"I get to go to school when I'm 5. Catherine (daycare friend) went to school when she turned 5."

I told her,"Yes, you will go when you are 5 but remember school starts in September and you turn 5 in March so you will have to wait until September to go to school."

Gillian said,"I didn't know that....are all schools that way?"

I replied,"Yes, give or take few days."

Then we arrived at gymnastics....I was thankful....I couldn't focus on my baby going to school anymore at that moment.

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