Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Gillian and I were hanging out this past Sunday and she started saying stuff like,"That's awkward." or "How embarrassing..."

After these weird phrases I would ask,"What is awkward or embarrassing?"

Her response,"I don't know."

Which then I explained what these words meant so she could use them properly. Just kept making me laugh because she kept using phrases that made sense but not with what we were

Tonight we went over to my parents to drop off some stuff for Zandra for next summer. Gillian had brought her bouncy ball which was forgotten when we left. She became frantic and thought we would drive back to my parents to get the precious ball.

I called my Mom and said the ball had been left by accident and could she set it aside for the next time Gillian went over which of course my Mom would do. Before I even got off the phone with my Mom Gillian was asking what she was going to do with her ball. I explained to Gillian that Grammie put it on the counter near her picture.

"What picture?" Gillian asked.

"The way she was talking I thought you would know, I'm not sure," I told her.

"The ones with the rocks on it?" she said.

"Sounds about right," I told her.

"Okay," Gillian said after a pause.

I was waiting for her to ask for the GPS coordinates of the ball so she could

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