Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

We didn't have a busy weekend planned which after last weekend was a good choice.

Saturday morning, Gillian and I had to be at gymnastics for 9am....I hate 9am stuff on Saturdays but it is the only time Gillian's age group meets. This was her second class and I didn't really know what to expect because my Mom had taken her to the first week because of Craig and I being out of town. Ms. Kelly keeps them very busy for 45 minutes. And I'm amazed at the stuff that they do at such a young age. Summer saults, hand stands, knee ups on the balance beam, chip ups on the uneven bars and hanging upside down on the uneven bars....needless to say Craig is not making appearances at Gymnastics class. Some of the parents in the class are already questioning why they agreed to enroll their children. It is definitely going to help Gillian's balance and strength so I'm all for it.

After gymnastics class we watched Emma's gymnastics class. I got some pictures of Emma and Zandra.

Emma doing a hand stand.

Ms. Zandra getting around.

Not a fan of paparazzi Auntie Barb.

Gillian showing off her skills.

Snuggle time with Grampie.

Then we went to feed the Geese.

She was amazed at how fast the ducks/geese made it over for bread.

This duck was actually brave enough to take a piece of bread right from Gillian's hand.

Grammie and her girls.

Then it was off to the Apple Orchard to see the animals and get some apples, donuts and cider.

Love this picture of Emma horseback riding.

They didn't have a helmet small enough for Gillian's head. She chose to ride the pony and he was in a mellow mood. Willie is 13 but was exhausted by the time we got to him.

She played games.

Fed goats.

Sat in the pumpkins.

Apparently the fresh air was too much for Gillian and I...we went home and took a 3 hour nap. We both needed it as Gillian has a cold and I've been exhausted.

Sunday we didn't do much. I had to go to Target to pick up a prescription which gave me time to wonder around the store (a favorite past time) and I found a couple Xmas items for Gillian and I found a Phineas and Ferb soundtrack. Needless to say I have already hear it 3 times in less than 4 hours. It's safe to say she likes the CD. Gillian and I relaxed on the couch singing songs. Gillian would tell me about every episode that the song came from which I thought was very good for her memory. I knew she had a good memory but sometimes she truly amazes me with it.

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