Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Gillian started soccer today! I'm so excited about it. I enjoyed the game so much and I hope she enjoys it as much as I did. So far she seemed to really like it. They practiced for about 45 minutes. It's definitely a lot more moving than t-ball was but she kept up and she wasn't the smallest kid or the biggest kid. She definitely has some pretty good dribbling skills and a good kick. Think she might be interested in the goalie position just so she can use her hands. I have threatened to duct tape her arms to her body if she keeps touching the ball.

After we got home from practice, Gillian and I were checking on the pumpkins and setting up the sprinkler and I told her that I was a pretty good soccer player in high school (although my husband had to confirm at Gillian's practice that I did indeed play soccer...glad you were paying attention to me in high school...anyway) and that I could show her some stuff to help her learn. She immediately said she wanted me to help (not was what I expecting). I asked when she wanted to start figuring maybe tomorrow...nope...she wanted to start tonight. We got out the goal, cones and the ball. First we dribbled then we worked on kicking in the goal then we worked on passing and kicking in the goal. Craig was in the goal first then Gillian gave the goalie position a chance mainly because she wanted to use her hands. Craig and I took turns kicking the ball at the goal going nice and easy well Craig then passed the ball to me and I didn't mean to kick it so hard but I nailed Gillian with the ball.....and she didn't care. Of course my husband won't let me forget it because she is 4 and as much as none of should have been laughing all three of us were. Of course Gillian didn't realize what we were laughing at but she was laughing too.

Already looking forward to the rest of soccer season!

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