Sunday, April 11, 2010


Gillian got a bike for Easter. I wasn't sure how the bike would go over. I always admit that my daughter is not the most coordinated person. Due to either prematurity or genetics or both, she struggles with coordination.

She has been a trooper with it. She started to somewhat be able to ride it the day she got it and she asked daily to practice. She got the bike on Sunday and by Friday of the same week she is able to ride the bike around our development. She needs a little help steering but for the most part she is pretty good. She has had two major falls but both times got up and got right back on the bike even with the tears she continued on. During one of the spills, she even cut next to her left eye and it was bleeding but she continued. She did .7 mile Friday, .7 mile Saturday and 1.4 miles today. She loves to go pedalling on her bike and I love to watch her and be mesmerized by her complete coordination to do so.

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