Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

The funny things this week are -

Craig told Gillian he was going to put a sweatshirt on her because the weather was going to be nice. Gillian's response,"So we can put the swing set up?"

I told Gillian we were having guests over for Easter. Gillian's response,"We have to hurry up and get the swing set up so everyone can see it." That was at 7pm the night before people were coming. She does not realize that the swing set is considered a large project in our house.

Gillian's Aunt Grace was visiting and she told Gillian that boys have coodies except for Daddy. She asked Gillian if she knew what coodies were and Gillian said,"No." Grace said,"They are germs." Gillian's response,"EEEWWWW!"

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