Thursday, April 8, 2010

4 year apt today

Gillian had her 4 year physical today. Although her favorite book is The Berenstain Bears Go To The Doctor she would rather not go. Not that I blame her. She doesn't fully understand why some stranger needs to be in her personal space. She doesn't even like her personal space invaded by someone she knows....just like me!

I gave her a heads up last night that she was going to be headed to the doctor and explained hat it was similar to her book and was just to make sure she was growing the way a health kid (instead of cub) should. This really didn't help.

This morning she somewhat whined about it but nothing too life ending. Prior to leaving the house we bribed her with a mini kit kat bar that she would receive if she did well at her apt. She held onto it for dear life for the drive to the office. We convinced her to leave it in the car while we went in, mainly so the melted candy bar could regain some of it's shape from her holding it so tight.

Amazingly we timed it right and when we checked in there were 0 people in the waiting room and when we got called back there were 5 kids waiting plus adults. And we waited less than 10 minutes. Our office recently went computerized so there were tons of questions then we got to the stuff that we enjoy.

Weight 33.2 lbs (33rd percentile)
Height 41 inches (76th percentile)

I had expected a lecture about her weight as she is skin, bones and muscle but the doctor didn't say anything...possibly because Craig mentioned a concern about a tape worm because she eats all the time and never seems to get wider just taller (every person's dream!). The doctor asked her questions and she attempted to complete everything asked and was able to do the majority of it. She even talked back to the doctor after a while (she is not a fan of strangers and even less of a fan of strange men). I remembered to clean her ears but not brush her teeth (crap)...shame on us but we impressed him that she has been going to the dentist every 6 months and normally does get her teeth brushed. We were advised to give her more water and avoid bubble bathes because she is a girl. I had not hear this before but made total sense to me as I can not take a bubble bath. Other than that we got a - see you next year:) Woo hoo!

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