Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Meet Gracie - Our newest addition

Gillian loves cats. We don'thave to bring toys when we are going to visit a person that owns a cat because Gillian spends the entire time playing with the cat or at least trying to as most run away from her.

I have been bugging Craig for quite some time that we should get Gillian a kitten. He was resistent and said no many times. I had been looking around and I found some black & gray kittens at the pet store. I don't know why I wanted a black & gray kitten, just what I pictured. I convinced Craig to go see the kittens with me to check when they were ready because I didn't trust the shady guy I had spoken to on Saturday.

I'm glad that we went because the kittens were ready on Monday and one was already on hold. So an employee brought out the two remaining kittens....I held one and Craig held the other. The one I held was loud and kept crying and clawing me....Craig's just laid there and was all mellow. I asked to take both home...Craig was like no but I felt bad for the one that would be left alone. Craig said I was lucky I was getting one.

So I signed all the papers and the kitten was coming home. We weren't sure how Pooh was going to take it. We had tried bringing a 2nd dog at one point and that didn't work so we were unsure. There has mainly been a lot of chasing and slobber. So we will have to wait and see but I think it is going to work out fine....

And Gillian is thrilled!

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