Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sickness and sadness

Gillian has had a little she woke up today with a fever of 102.6:( I need to get her healthy for this Sunday for the March for Babies. We are the Ambassador family and talking at the event. This is bad timing

So how young is too young to take a child to a wake? I took Gillian to a wake last year for her Great-Grandmother. She didn't go near the casket. She probably thought it was a big party because she didn't even seem to notice the body.

I took her to another wake today for a friend of Craig's that past away this past Saturday. I had planned on going and she is sick so I didn't want to have someone watch her and I figured since I'm not a fan of wakes that this gave me the perfect reason for in and out. She came to the casket with us, I told her Craig's friend was sleeping although she knew he had died and she knows what that means (sort of). She at least knows you don't see the people or animals anymore. She stared at him very intently and I waited for questions and she didn't ask any. When we got out to the car I asked if she had any questions and she said no. She seemed very overwhelmed by the situation because crowds intimidate her and there were a lot of people at this wake. I'm hoping that we are showing her it is important to show respect by taking her.

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