Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pine cone Patrol

Last night I took Gillian outside. This to me is perfect weather. It's comfortable and there are no bugs. To me that is perfect. So first Gillian played in her sand box while I read the mail. Then we went on pine cone patrol. First in our yard then we ventured into the neighbors yard. They are still in Florida and I'm sure they won't have any issue with Gillian stealing pine cones from their yard. I took pictures just to prove to Craig that I took her out.

Look at all the pine cones...

Trucking all the pine cones back to the monster pile.

Dumping the pine cones into the pile.

After we were done with outside, Gillian and I cooked dinner. We made pigs in a blanket with a quarter of a full size hot dog, cheese and crescent rolls. Gillian was thrilled that I had her help roll all the pigs. And they are made of her favorite things so she was really excited to try them. It was definitely a good meal.

To end the perfect evening, Gillian and I had a slumber party. She was so excited to sleep in the living room. It's like a prize. I thought it was so cute that she thanked me for letting her sleep downstairs.

It was a great night.

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