Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Recap

This past weekend flew by.

Saturday morning we were up and out to dance class. Gillian is slowly getting over her fear. We were late for class so she had to go in while all the other kids were sitting down which is very hard for her but she did it! Yeah for Gillian! Then we were invited in to be the audience which if her vote was the only vote we wouldn't have been in there because she doesn't appear to like the audience (not that I can blame her). Twenty parents staring can be overwhelming for a 3 year old. After dance we headed home to get Gillian changed because she was headed to Grammie Brooks's so Craig could sleep and I could go get my hair cut.

My hair is now much shorter than it has been in as long as I can remember....I can't even put it in a tiny pony tail. I like it and it is super easy to take care of. It was a nice change.

Saturday evening my parents had (almost) everyone over for dinner. Craig had to work and Sean & Andrea were sleeping. It was nice to hang out and visit since we hadn't done that since New Years. I fed Zandra and that was a different experience. I kept waking for her to choke, gag and reflux but that never happened. I had never fed a baby besides Gillian so I didn't realize how easy it can be. Not that Gillian didn't become easy once there was a routine but it was definitely different.

Saturday night I decided since I didn't have a child that I was going to lounge around and watch TV. I hopped on the Internet and started reviewing the workout for Couch Potato to 5k....and decided I would start it at 6am Sunday morning. You may wonder why I'm telling you I figure if I put it on here and I see anyone they may ask about it and I don't want to say,"I'm a quitter" so I will have to stick with it.

Sunday morning at 6am I did the first workout with Pooh Bear (I volunteered her to be my coach/motivator). Is it sad that when I had to jog, Pooh Bear walked fast? She didn't jog or run. I did 3 laps which equals 2.1 miles (no, I didn't jog that far, it's a walk/jog combination) and the 2nd and 3rd laps Pooh didn't even want to come. I guess I should have gotten permission. I survived the first workout and I'm sure I will be sore but I'll keep with it (hopefully).

I picked Gillian up around 1pm on Sunday. She didn't want to come home. Not that I didn't expect it. Grammie and another child to play with, home isn't fun like that. We came home and had a quiet afternoon of sleep and cartoons.

It was a nice weekend but definitely went by too fast!

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