Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Okay so a couple funny things Gillian has done lately.

On Monday I was talking to Mary about the things that Gillian says to us that make us laugh so she shared a story with me. Apparently Gillian compliments Mary daily (which must be nice) whether it be that Mary is beautiful, pretty or Gillian likes her shirt. So one day last week this was their conversation -

Gillian - "Um, Ms. Mary...."

Mary - "Yes Gillian." (Mary is thinking her daily compliment is coming)

Gillian - "Ms. Mary I don't think you match today."

Mary (who looked at her clothes 3 times before -"But I'm wearing jeans, they go with everything."

Gillian - "Oh...(giggle)"

This made me chuckle. Then I leave with Gillian and on the way to the car, the following happens -

Me - "Gillian your boots are really muddy."

Gillian - "Actually it's mulch."

Me - "Oh, your boots are really mulchy."

Gillian - Actually it's from the mulch which is on the mud"

Me - "Okay then." (what else can I possibly say

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