Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Wednesday

So the funny things my daughter has said lately....

Gillian loves to play play-doh. I made the mistake of rolling play-doh into balls to make snowmen at Christmas time and now I'm rolling play-doh balls all the time. Mainly they are referred to lemons for lemonade. So Gillian makes Craig roll play-doh into balls too. Gillian told Craig,"You need to watch Mommy roll balls because she does them right. Yours are too big." I looked at Craig and asked how it felt to be critiqued by a 4 year

I was doing Gillian's hair and anyone who has seen it knows that it has to be wet down to do anything with it. So I had the water going and I was wetting Gillian's hair by putting the brush under the faucet then brushing her hair. So Gillian reaches over, turns off the faucet and says to me,"Mom you are wasting water, you have to turn it off." Seriously....where does she get this stuff?

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