Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Recap


Gillian had dance class which she was the first student in the room so she got to first pick of which carpet she could sit on. She appeared like she had won a great honor and of course picked a purple one.
After dance we all went home. Craig went to bed since he had worked overnight. Gillian set out on a mission. First we went to cycle (recycle) then we returned bottles. I had never taken Gillian to return bottles. I carried in the 2 garbage bags while she carried the 12 pack of empty beer bottles. She was very proud that she could carry the empty bottles. She didn't seem bothered by the young kid that took our bottles and started counting them so we wandered around then when I went back to check if they were done and there was a man that is probably extremely nice but is very intimidating looking. Next thing I know Gillian is standing behind me latched onto my jeans. This is where she remains until we leave. I keep telling her she is fine but she won't budge. So we head out and of course she gets in front of me at this point. Grabs my hand at the door and tells me she doesn't like returning bottles, it's scary in there. I found this extremely humorous.

From there we went to find some Easter books which was quite a bit of fun. I love looking at books and Gillian seems to like it too. She actually wanted more books but I limited it to two books. We have tons of books (I'm actually going to go through them with Gillian soon to get rid of some because like her toys there are way too many and some she has outgrown).

Saturday evening Craig's parents came over to test Craig's chicken wing trial. Of course Gillian took advantage of this and invited herself over to Grammie and Grampie's for the night. It made a nice night for me because I was able to catch up on TV and get some sleep.


I was able to sleep in since Gillian wasn't home. I took Pooh for a 1.4 mile walk because it was so nice out. I think every dog in our development got walked. The spring air was intoxicating and motivating. When Craig got up, we painted all the trim for the entry way and kitchen. Then I did a test run for Gillian's birthday cake since I had never made the cupcake cake. It was so easy to make the cake and use the icing decorator. Now I just have to find purple food coloring for the icing and I'm set for the birthday party. We picked up Gillian and she had a busy day outside with Grammie and Grampie. I could tell she was tired but she fight it until bed time. I asked her what she thought of the cake and her response, "The frosting is suppose to be purple." I explained that this was the test run.

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