Thursday, December 31, 2009

The end is near...

Today was the perfect end to the year for me.

Gillian slept in which meant I slept in which is always a great way to start the day. I hadn't made plans for today other than I had hoped to recycle because it was a couple weeks over due. Gillian watched a couple of shows and ate her Cheerios while I got everything ready to head out to recycle. I love that Gillian gets excited to recycle like we are going to some super special place and she talks to strangers there like they are "safe" because they recycle. Kid logic cracks me up.
After recycling I had planned a surprise for Craig...yeah sounds sweet right? Not so much. Craig had wanted to go to the dump due to the extra holiday trash but something every day this week had kept him from there. So Gillian and I went home and loaded the car with trash and headed to the place that isn't "safe for little girls" and "creepy" according to my daughter. I hadn't been in a long time and I don't plan to go again anytime soon...sorry Craig. Once that was complete, I knew Craig would be happy that it was done and I was happy it was gone. No better way to start the New Year than with a house with no trash in it.

This theme sounded so good, I took it to another level. I cleaned the house and caught up all the laundry. I'm determined to start this year off right.

Once the house was done it was off to my parents for a New Year's Even dinner. Nice and low key which is what I needed going into the New Year. Tonight it was just me and my little lady having a slumber party. Craig is working a double to pay back having Christmas Eve off. The night would be perfect if he was here but it is as close to perfect that it can get at this point.

As the end of 2009 is coming in less than 2 hours I can't believe how fast this year has flown by...Gillian went from a toddler to a little lady this year. She is growing so fast, I wish I could pause her just for a little while to enjoy her youthful spirit a bit longer. Craig and I recently celebrated 8 years together and have been in our home for 6 years now. Time just keeps going and going.

As I look at 2010, I have a lot of hope in this year. I'm hoping to find closure to my pregnancy from 4 years ago that still haunts me. I'm hoping to live a more relaxed and carefree lifestyle. Enjoy life instead of just going going going....

Happy New Year everyone!
(the final pictures of 2009)

Gillian loves cutting yarn.

No denying she was cutting the yarn.

Grammie, Gillian and Grampie

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