Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Madness

Today was hectic again. Gillian woke up and wanted to get up at 7am. I laid in bed with her trying to sleep until at 7:40am, it was no longer possible. She was ready to start her day and had tons of energy. So we got up headed downstairs. She had breakfast and watched some shows so I could wake up. Once I was able to function, we made brownies for dinner at my brother's house.

Once brownies were done, Craig was up so we headed to go get some random groceries that were needed or forgotten this past week. By the time that we got home from shopping, my Dad was coming back over to work on the home project.

I also had a surprise that I had to work on which I will show later but can't give up the surprise prior to the holiday:)

Tonight we went to my brother's for family dinner (which was fabulous!). Gillian was super friendly...totally not like her. She is always well behaved but she doesn't normally go near Uncle Tom (or any strangers or most men that aren't strangers) let alone have full conversations, give out hugs and kisses! She is definitely starting to come out of her shell.
I took these pics prior to shopping, I knew she would love this hat when I saw it online.

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