Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Today we took Gillian to the dentist for her 2nd apt ever. We didn't have high hopes. I was late which is normal for me so when I got here Craig was already sitting in the chair with Gillian. Everyone was laughing and having fun. Renee the hygienist is truly amazing. She made the apt so fun that Gillian is definitely looking forward to going back. She polished her teeth to make them sparkle like a princess. Gillian got to play with Mr. Thirsty (the vacuum) and Renee is like Dora the explorer and explores Gillian's teeth. Renee had Gillian so excited about what was going on. The visit couldn't have gone better! It truly made my day. Although my visit didn't go half as well, having Gillian's apt go so well made that more bearable.
Gillian's teeth getting polished to sparkle like a princess.
Gillian having her teeth flossed
Gillian and Mr. Thirsty

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