Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Party

Today we went to a holiday party at Grampie Miner's work. We went last year and it was very cramped and in a small space. This year it was held in a different location which had more room to accommodate the number of people that come out for the party. Gillian is very excited for Christmas this year so I had told her that Santa would be there for her to speak to about her requests for Christmas. Although she was excited at home for this, I knew she would not be brave enough to go near him on her own.

So we arrived and it was set up really nice and had plenty of room. They had coloring and a basket that all the kids could choose a little toy from until Santa arrived. Gillian choice a blue Jeep because she is very into cars right now and she prefers red or blue because that is what Mommy and Daddy's car colors are. So we sat down and waited because Gillian didn't want to color with all the other kids and as soon as he was there she couldn't take her eyes off him. So they called the 0-2 year olds 1st then the 3-6 year olds so we got up there quick and were 5th in line. Instantly Gillian did not want to go so Craig took her up so Grammie Miner and I could take pictures. She did smile but didn't' really speak to Santa. Overall it was fun and I know Gillian enjoyed herself. I love things like this....gets us in the spirit of the holidays.
Grammie Miner and Gillian

Daddy, Gillian & Santa

Gillian opening her present.

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