Friday, November 20, 2009

Team Gillian's Teams

Gillian was born in March which is prime March of Dimes time as their walks are held in April and May. Prior to Gillian being born I didn't really know anything about the March of Dimes...I had heard of it and donated money to them but never really looked at what they do or why they do it. I learned a lot while I was pregnant. Their site is where I found out the pregnancy I had only happens to 10% of pregnancies (how did I end up in that 10%?) Their site is where I went to to get information after Gillian was born, it is also where I went to find stories when I needed a pick me up and needed to know that everything would work out...The research that they do does change has changed my family's life. It gave us a child that had better chance of survival because of the work and research they have done.

So I did not walk in April was just too overwhelming. So in 2007 I formed Team Gillian in honor of Gillian and to share Gillian's story and hoped to raise some money for the cause. The first year consisted of me, my parents, Craig's parents and Craig's sister...and of course baby Gillian. My hope was to raise $500 for the whole team....we did $1840 that year.

In 2008, we took it a step further and recruited a school club to help, more people came out, people that didn't have the money the year before donated that year. That year consisted, Craig, my parents, Craig's parents, Craig's sister, my friend E, my friend D and her Mom, toddler Gillian and my neice E. Not pictured was the school club. My goal for the team was to raise what we had raised the year before...we did $3160.

In 2009, we took again a step further and added some new members. The team consisted of, me, Craig, my parents, Craig's parents, Craig's sister, Craig's sister's friend L, my friend D, my friend T and her daughter E, Craig's Mom's friend S and her son J and still toddler Gillian. My goal for the team was to raise what had been raised in 2007 due to an economic nightmare going on...we raised $3163.45.

I have already started fundraising for 2010 and have another amazing team forming. Currently we, Craig, my parents, Craig's parents, Craig's sister, my older brother T and her wife E, my younger brother S and his GF A, my friend D and her husband B, Craig's brother-in-law, my friend L, my friend T, her daughter E and her parents and we aren't even into 2010 yet:) I am so thankful for the people that have been here through the years. So thankful that for the people that donate. Team Gillian wouldn't be a team without everyone who can't forget what we have been through for our little girl.

My goal again this year is to raise $1840...people probably will wonder why I would aim for an amount less than the last 2 years. My reasoning is first the economy is still terrible and second this amount would bring us above the $10,000 mark for what Team Gillian has raised since being started. It means a lot to me to get to that mark.

2010 is a big year for Team Gillian. We are sharing our story this year with all the walkers. As terrified as I am of speaking publically I feel that it is going to be an incredible experience. My daughter is the center of my world and sharing her amazing journey I think will help. She is proof that the March of Dimes/March for Babies is doing incredibile work.

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